Benefits to AIDNA Member

1. AIDMA will safeguard the Legal rights of its members.

2. We will invite all the AIDMA Members to the AIDMA award ceremony.

3. AIDMA Logo can be used after becoming a member of AIDMA.

4. AIDMA could recognize you by providing a post also at the state level, District level…….

5. AIDMA Members will receive an Authorised Membership certificate.

6. AIDMA members could participate in National & International Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Business Expo. Etc.

7. AIDMA encourages and recognizes the performance of its members through national excellence awards.

8. AIDMA Members can be Associate Members after taking Institutional Membership and running their agency. 

Benefits to AIDMA Associate Member

Low-Cost Membership
AIDMA is low-cost Membership then others we give world-class facilities, at nominal fees.

Start-up Kit
AIDMA Provides marketing Material, Prospectus, Admission forms, Stationery, Operational Material in Welcome Startup Kit.
E-Class room  
AIDMA Provides easy-to-learn videos for students. No need to hire faculty.
Placement of Students
AIDMA has lots of corporate connections and its own job portals to provide placement support to students. (In school projects we don’t provide job placement, only training provides.) 

More than 175+ Best Courses
AIITA provides more than 175+ courses to run in your center includes, including Computer & IT courses, Fashion Designing Courses, Beauty Technology courses, Ethical and Cyber security courses,  Web designing courses, Yoga, and other courses.  
Minimum Registration fees
AIDMA never claims tuition fees, Enrollment fees & Admission Fees. No Royalty was claimed. AIDMA Charge only Students Registration fees which are very nominal. 99% profit is yours.
Lifetime Membership  
AIDMA Membership is for a lifetime. No other extra/hidden charges.  
Chance to Get More Earning  
Every Member can be a Coordinator at the National, State, Zonal, Regional, District & Block levels. Members can also upload their videos for teaching students online and earning more.