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Our main focus is to provide end-to-end solutions for startups and a categorical framework for every phase, right from website launch to campaign optimization, and serve the best by analyzing the market trends.”
Archit Bhateja (Founder & MD, NDGS)

Digital technology has become indispensable; its impact on businesses is unimaginable yet fruitful. Realizing the potential of the digital world, the foundation stone of NextDoor Global Services (NDGS) was laid in 2015. NDGS is a highly acclaimed Public Relations and Digital Marketing agency that provides everything a brand needs to build awareness, drive traffic, connect & engage with customers, and increase sales.  

In a digital world, brands can no longer get by without a reasonable online presence, therefore, companies like NDGS make sure that the brands reach the right target audience with relevant content that fully resonates with the market trends. 


Being the Founder and Managing Director of the company, Archit Bhateja develops and executes NDGS’s business strategies. He also gives strategic guidance to ensure that the company achieves its objectives and goals.  

Archit is an experienced Business Development Professional with an MBA in Marketing. He started his career at HCL which helped him develop a marketing vision and mindset. Henceforth, he established NDGS. 


Back in the day, public relations could function well without the digital world. Now, the digital world is growing beyond all of us could have ever imagined. Archit knew that the digital world can aid small businesses and other startups seeking services on the internet platform. Therefore, with his strong marketing vision, he founded NextDoor Global Services. Today, it is victoriously developing search strategies for leading brands as well as small & medium-sized enterprises across many industries in India, the United States of America, and Australia. 


NDGS offers an array of top-notch services. The main offerings of the company are: 

  • Hosting and Website Designing

NDGS delivers integrated Cloud hosting services along with other hosting services like web hosting, domain hosting, private hosting, and shared hosting to name a few. It also offers a wide variety of interactive website designing services that match with the ever-changing digital landscape.     

  • Public Relations

NDGS provides a complete suite of Public Relations services to maintain and enhance a company’s image. Main services include reputation management, media relations, brand building, influencer marketing, and crisis management among others. 

  • Digital Branding & Social Media Marketing 

To increase a brand’s social presence, NDGS provides services like online reputation management, social media optimization, Facebook marketing, Twitter profile management, and LinkedIn marketing.

NDGS also provides other exceptional services like App Store Optimization, Social Media Marketing Digital Marketing, Strategic Management, SEO consultancy, Hosting and Domain Services, Cloud Servers, HR Recruitment & Consultancy, Strategic and Business Management, PR and Influential Marketing, Financial and Legal Services, Website Development, Video Production, Illustration Design, Digital Branding, Website Designing among others. 


Post-pandemic, there has been a considerable boom in the digital world urging public relations and marketing companies to devise impactful strategies. By offering creative and out-of-the-box strategies, NDGS manages to stand out in the market. 

“NDGS’s consistent work on increasing the brand’s reach, presenting the products, way of communication, and systematic functioning positions the company uniquely in the competitive market,” Archit mentioned. 


NDGS caters to the needs of many prominent clients like Teleperformance, Creambell, Amazon, Flipkart, Secure Fencing, Brands Impact, Delhi Design Academy, Vidhitsa Design Studio, Koshika Foundation, Acute Vision, Creative Group, Web Designing House, and many more. It has also worked on government tenders & projects. Other top-notch clients include Yaara Group, AIPPA Group, Mohan Lal and Sons (Prerna Mohan Design), Delvens, Ramagya School Noida, and Noida Stadium among others.


There has certainly been a radical shift in the PR industry. Content creativity, strategic performance on digital platforms, and well-seasoned designs have made a great thrust in the PR industry. NDGS, therefore, always keeps a strict eye on new and upcoming trends and focuses on making things more personalized as per people’s psyches. It follows a customer-centric approach for providing real and authentic content.


The mission of NDGS is to always focus on an in-depth, intellectual method that offers a well-organized and focused framework for every phase, from website launch to campaign optimization.

The vision of the company is to cater to the needs and requirements of clients at the global level. It wants to serve a lifetime experience and build trustworthy relationships with clients. 


The ideas generate with brainstorming, therefore, teamwork holds pivotal importance. NDGS goes through infinite brainstorming sessions when it starts building strategies and eventually the cumulative ideas are brought into action. There is no place for differences between the employees as the ideas are always welcomed regardless of the designation. The working environment for all of the employees is dynamic enough to keep them engaged and focused on the planned goals.


“Success in my field means client’s satisfaction. If the client is happy with our work, it clearly indicates that it’s a compliment. Even when I think I am able to accomplish my goal by getting the desired results from my target market and reaching on the top list of entrepreneurs, I want to stay grounded and continue building a strong community,” Archit mentioned. 

NDGS always focuses on key areas like Brand reputation, conversion boost, and digital presence with good quality customer engagement at affordable prices, which makes its services worth the investment. NDGS is indeed emerging as an esteemed and reliable company one can truly rely on.